| The Idea

Domain Consolidation, you might be asking yourself 'What the hell is this?' or even 'It's just domain parking! Sheesh.'

Well truthfully, you're right. To put things simply SrsBzns.com is just a half hearted amalgamation, part domain parking, part domain portfolio, part lazyness. It gives all those random domains I collect but never end up using a chance at a home. It does this by providing visibility to interested parties that they would otherwise never receive since I don't park my domains frequently.

What I ended up with is a simplistic list based portfolio that gives the opportunity to ask questions and make make inquiries.

| Asset Portfolio

Here lies a meager list of domains (well they should be here, but they aren't now are they?)

| First Contact?

Ah yes, that akward internet form. Not impressed? Well, neither am I.

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